Community for Emerging and Zoonotic Diseases

The Community for Emerging and Zoonotic Diseases (CEZD) is a virtual network that integrates today’s automated information-mining tools with a human-based multidisciplinary analytical capability. The automated technology collects and filters disease signals and the expertise from within the community analyzes, and disseminates intelligence information, related to zoonotic and emerging infectious diseases from both open and traditional information sources.

Dairy Network

The CAHSS Dairy Network includes members from all areas from the Dairy Cattle sector, including Industry, Provincial, Federal, and Veterinary associations. The purpose of this group is to encourage sharing of information between Dairy Network members and to allow for a platform where members can access documents and events. 

Aquatic Network


Poultry Network



Equine National Health Surveillance Network

An effective equine surveillance system is essential to protect health and well-being of horses and humans, safeguard the viability of the Canadian herd, ensure movement of horses and continuance of trade, and enhance the prosperity of the Canadian equine industry.

Swine Network

Swine Network Group