Emerging and Zoonotic Diseases

Surveillance of changing risks to protect Canadians

CANADIAN Surveillance networks


NCCID is one of six National Collaborating Centres for Public Health funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada, each focusing on a different area of public health. Our host organization is the University of Manitoba.


International Networks

  • GLEWS - FAO-OIE-WHO Global Early Warning System for health threats and emerging risks at the human-animal-ecosystems interface.




  • HealthMap - monitors, organizes, integrates, filters, visualizes and disseminates online information about emerging diseases, facilitating early detection of global public health threats





Vector Borne Diseases


Maps of Vector Distribution in North America




Network Events

Title Date Description Location
Network Evaluation of One Health June 21, 2018, noon EDT Network Evaluation of One Health (NEOH): A Systems Approach for better Integration of Interdisciplinary Knowledge - and - what this could mean for One Health Surveillance Webex Teleconference
Simulating Classical Swine Fever Introduction July 19, 2018, noon EDT Simulating Classical Swine Fever Introduction in Commercially Raised Pig Farms in Ontario: Opportunities to Assess Known Intervention Efficacies Webex Teleconference
CEZD Webinar - African Swine Fever Disease Recognition Dec. 12, 2018, 1 p.m. EST Webinar: African Swine Fever – Disease Recognition What to do if you Suspect the Disease Webex Teleconference
CMEZ - Webinaire - PPA reconnaissance de la maladie Dec. 6, 2018, 1 p.m. EST Webinaire – Reconnaissance de la maladie - que faire si vous soupçonnez la maladie Webex Teleconference