Community for Emerging and Zoonotic Diseases

Surveillance of changing risks to protect Canadians

The Community for Emerging and Zoonotic Diseases (CEZD) is a virtual multidisciplinary network that includes partners from provincial, federal and municipal governments, industry, and academia in areas of public, animal and environmental health.

CEZD was developed to support Canada’s animal early warning, preparedness and response capabilities needs regarding emerging and zoonotic diseases. Through the gathering of information, analysis and the generation and distribution of timely intelligence reports, Canada is now better able to anticipate, manage, and mitigate pending disease threats on its society, economy, environment, and animal resources.


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NCCID is one of six National Collaborating Centres for Public Health funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada, each focusing on a different area of public health. Our host organization is the University of Manitoba.



  • GLEWS - FAO-OIE-WHO Global Early Warning System for health threats and emerging risks at the human-animal-ecosystems interface.
  • HealthMap - monitors, organizes, integrates, filters, visualizes and disseminates online information about emerging diseases, facilitating early detection of global public health threats

 2019-nCOV Information sources

Animal Health Information Sources

Government of Canada

Canadian Veterinary Medical Association

World Organization of Animal Health


References related to suspected animal sources of 2019-nCoV

Genomic characterisation and epidemiology of 2019 novel coronavirus: implications for virus origins and receptor bindingThe Lancet

Discovery of a novel coronavirus associated with the recent pneumonia outbreak in humans and its potential bat origin BioRXIV PREPRINT

Receptor recognition by novel coronavirus from Wuhan: An analysis based on decade-long structural studies of SARS Journal of Virology


Current Human Cases

John's Hopkins Dashboard of Current Cases


Public Health Information Sources

Government of Canada

US Centre for Disease Control

World Health Organization Situation Reports

National Health Committee of the People's Republic of China (use Google Chrome for machine translation)

Dingxiangyuan (use Google Chrome for machine translation)

European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control


Canadian Provincial and Territorial Public Health Information

British Columbia Centre for Disease Control

Alberta Public Health

Saskatchewan Public Health

Manitoba Public Health

Public Health Ontario

Quebec Public Health

New Brunswick Public Health

Nova Scotia Public Health

Prince Edward Island Public Health

Newfoundland and Labrador Public Health

Yukon Public Health

Nunavut Public Health

Northwest Territories Public Health


References Related to Human Transmission, Epidemiology and Case Descriptions

Imperial College of London - reports and data on severity, transmissibility and estimated potential case numbers (2020 02 10)

Genomic Analysis of nCoV Spread. Situation Report 2020-01-30  NextStrain Narrative

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Preliminary Risk Analysis of 2019 Novel Coronavirus spread within and beyond China  

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Early Transmissibility Assessment of a Novel Coronavirus in Wuhan, China

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