Dairy Cattle Surveillance in Canada

One health for humans, animals and the environment

Dairy Stakeholder Map

The Dairy Network links the diverse dairy
community to encourage and support integrated
and whole-of-system dairy health surveillance.
Effective and responsive dairy health surveillance
safeguards the prosperity of Canada’s dairy

The CAHSS Dairy Network includes members from
all areas from the Dairy Cattle sector, including
Industry, Provincial, Federal, and Veterinary
associations. The purpose of this group is to
encourage sharing of information between Dairy
Network members and to allow for a platform
where members can access documents and events.

The Dairy Network is part of the Canadian Animal
Health Surveillance System (CAHSS), which
connects animal health, public health and wildlife
health professionals from Canada’s animal sectors.
In addition to the Dairy Network, CAHSS member
networks include poultry, swine, aquatic, and
dairy cattle. CAHSS members work on diseases
and issues of concern, including reportable and
zoonotic diseases, production limiting diseases
and antimicrobial use surveillance.