Swine Surveillance in Canada

Diligent care protects animal and human health

Swine Stakeholder Map

The Swine Network links the diverse swine community to encourage and support integrated and whole-of-system swine health surveillance. Effective and responsive health surveillance safeguards the prosperity of Canada’s swine industry.

The CAHSS Swine Network includes members from the National and Provincial pork councils/organizations/networks, Veterinary colleges, Diagnostic laboratories, Provincial governments, CFIA, AAFC, PHAC, National and Regional Veterinary organizations/networks.

The Swine Network is part of the Canadian Animal Health Surveillance System (CAHSS), which connects animal health, public health and wildlife health experts from Canada’s animal sectors. In addition to the Swine Network, CAHSS member networks include AMU, aquatic, beef and dairy cattle, equine, poultry and wildlife. CAHSS members work on diseases and issues of concern, including reportable and zoonotic diseases, production limiting diseases and antimicrobial use surveillance.